Sunday, January 18, 2009

Way to Go Angie!!!

Angie did it and we are so proud of her! She ran in the Houston Marathon this morning - her first one - and she did great! She ran the whole way and finished strong. I met Kyle and the kids downtown to cheer her on. Some of Kyle's friends came out to support her, too, and we had the best time. Here are a few pictures of her during and after the race.

Mile 20 - We got to run with her for a little bit. From the left is Adrian, Joshua (the son of one of Kyle's friends), Kayla (in blue shirt), Kyle with Kade on his shoulders, me and Angie

Angie and me at Mile 20!

Kyle and Adrian waiting for Angie to come by at Mile 24. That's Kade waiting, too. The funky wig was used so Angie would be able to spot our group as she was going by.

Angie slowing down to hug Adrian.

A big hug from Kayla!

All smiles at Mile 24!!

A big kiss from Kyle after the race!!

Admiring the medal Angie got for finishing the marathon.

You did great Angie! What an accomplishment - we are so proud of you!!!