Monday, September 1, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football...

I absolutely love football season and I'm so glad it's here! As much as I love watching the Cowboys and Monday Night Football...College Football is my favorite.

Jeff and I went to Austin on Saturday to watch the Longhorns home opener. We had a blast! One of my friends kept all 3 kids, so it was a date for us. We got to Austin around 1:00 and had plenty of time to walk around the campus, eat lunch and shop. We got to the stadium about an hour before kick-off and it was already full. The 3-year renovation on the stadium was complete and the attendance for the game was over 98,000. It was great!

We also saw Vince Young as he got his jersey retired before the game. The best part was when they played his highlight video and the last 2 clips were of him running into the end zone to score the winning touchdown against USC to win the National Championship and when he was standing amid all the confetti after that game. That always gives me goosebumps!

Here are a few pictures we took before the battery on our camera went out...

This is us on our way to the stadium...there were blocks and blocks of was crazy!

We had already gone into the stadium and then decided to go out and take a picture in front of the seal. We almost didn't get to go back in because we didn't get a stamp when we left. That would have been bad!

The Longhorns were coming out of the tunnel for their pre-game warm-ups. The stadium was already packed. It was also great weather - not too hot, surprisingly!

Here's Vince Young on the jumbotron during his ceremony. I think they actually call this the godzillatron - and I can see why - the thing is beyond huge!

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