Friday, October 10, 2008

He Called You a...What??!?

As most parents, we really try to curb name-calling between the kids. When they were younger, anything that ended in 'head' was outlawed...and we're just talking about things like 'stinkyhead' and 'dumbhead' - it never got much worse than that. I even called Grace a 'sleepyhead' one morning and she burst into tears.

Which leads me to the latest episode of name-calling. As the kids have gotten older, their techniques to put each other down are more sophisticated. Add Pike to that equation and you have trouble! But, I actually had to laugh (behind closed doors) about this one...and I apologize in advance if anyone is offended.

I was cooking dinner while Pike and Grace were in the front room playing. I could tell there was some sort of disagreement, but it didn't sound too bad, so I waited to see how they would handle it. I remember Grace wanting Pike to give her something, but she didn't want to do anything in return (as I found out later, this was a very important part to the disagreement).

They continued to discuss their opposing points of view when Grace bursts into tears (yes, this happens alot) and comes running into the kitchen. I was trying to get her to calm down enough to find out what happened when Pike walks in the room.

"Pike, what happened? Do you know why Grace is crying?"

"She wanted me to give her one of my (insert anything here...I can't remember what it was) just because I have more."


"I just shook my head and said..."

Then Grace blurts out, "He called me a Democrat!!"

And then I heard myself say, very seriously, "Pike, do not call your sister a Democrat...that is not a nice thing to say." :) And, yes, we made him apologize.


Jamie said...

That is too funny! The other day we were all playing Wii and Jason kept beating me and so I called him a democrat and then Jason called me one in return and so Rhett got right in between us and said, "People, we're not democrats, we're Publicans!" Isn't it great that we are raising such politically informed children!

Keri said...

I love it!!! I am not sure what could be worse at this point.

maramsey said...

TOO funny!! I've passed along the story to friends & everyone agrees that's a pretty bad thing to call your sister!! HA!

Scrappymommy said...

What a horrible thing to say! Pike should be whipped and sent to bed with no dinner!! I NEVER!! :) :)