Thursday, December 11, 2008 Houston!!

I had to share a couple of the pictures we took yesterday - when it actually snowed in Houston! This was not the typical Houston barely-there flurries that were last seen here 4 years ago. This was a good, wet snow with huge snowflakes that came down for hours and actually covered the ground and tops of bushes. We were even able to make a small snowman and had some friends who made a huge one!

The kids had a blast playing in it and trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues. And I think Uncle Kyle had just as much fun as they did when they all jumped on the trampoline and had a snowball fight.

One of the things the kids say they miss about Amarillo is having snow around Christmas, so this was an unexpected and fun treat!

This is our house as covered in snow as it will probably ever be.

Pike, Grace and Emma enjoying the big flakes!

Pike, Kayla and Grace on the trampoline. Adrian is actually on there too - he's hidden behind Grace.

This is our little snowman we made with a carrot nose and M&M's for eyes.

Our friends made a big snowman! This is Craig, one of Pike's friends, with his mom Adriana, one of my friends. They made it as a surprise for Christina whose birthday was the next day. Adriana said some UPS delivery drivers were coming through their street and stopped to take pictures with him!
All the kids got to bed late, but it was worth it!

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maramsey said...

Yea!! You guys have actually had more snow than us so far-what a special treat. Love the tiny snowman!!