Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Grace!!

Today Grace turned 9 - WOW!
This is for the birthday girl or, as her dad would say, his Princess:

My Dear Sweet Grace,

I love that I have always been able to call you my "Saving Grace". Your sweet spirit, kindness and helpfulness have blessed me more than you know!

I love how much you love your family. And how you think about your brother and sister when you're at a birthday party on your own - and you always bring them back a small prize or share your goody bag.

I love the way you are always wanting to play family games of any kind - board games, card games, dinner table games and car games. The "Two Truths and a Lie" game is a dinnertime favorite - and a great way to find out about everyone's day.

I love the way you use the phrase "for no odd reason" all the time for no odd reason!

I love how you have grown in your faith and have a real sense of who God is, how big He is and how much He really loves you. When you were 4 I was putting you to bed and you looked up at me and said, "You're the bestest mommy in the whole world." And I said, "Well, you're the bestest Grace in the whole world." And you quickly said, "Oh, no, Mommy, God's Grace is."

I love how you have wisdom beyond your years and can see God in so many things, like the time you were playing your DS at night in the back of the car and said, "Did you know this light from the DS is just like Jesus? Everything else is dark, but He is a bright light that we need to focus on to see what we're doing." Such wisdom from such a young girl!

I love to listen to your heartfelt prayers every night and imagine what a prayer warrior you will be.

I love how you started kindergarten full of excitement and came home after the first week so frustrated that the other kids wouldn't sit still and listen all day. You threw up your hands and said, "Don't these kids know they're in kindergarten!"

I love that you love to learn and that learning comes easy for you, but I really love that you are still a humble person who knows you've been given a gift - and that everyone is gifted in some way. You told your 1st grade teacher that you didn't want to move from sitting next to a boy who was autistic, because you liked helping him; and his mother was so grateful for your friendship to him.

I love the way you can't say the word "approximately" and the sound of your laughter when you try!

I love how you sit back and take in a new situation carefully, but you are so spontaneous and silly at home and with good friends.

I love the way you enjoy to make lists, organize and label everything - especially when we make a big breakfast on Saturday morning (one of your very favorite things to do) and you set up everything buffet-style and number and label each spot - #1 plates, #2 silverware, #3 napkins, #4 eggs - and you make sure we all go in order.

I love how affectionate you are and how your hugs last a long time. Sometimes I take the time to slow down and allow you to let go first - and those are the longest, best hugs ever!

You are an amazing child of God and you are such a blessing to our family. You said tonight that the present Daddy and I got you was the best gift you've ever been given and I left your room thinking, "Oh, sweet girl, you are the best gift that we've ever been given."

Happy Birthday...I love you dearly!!


Jamie said...

WOW...nine years old!! I'm amazed, we will always think of Grace as our sweet little baby from the Amarillo days. She was the first baby that Jason and I really got to know and it didn't take her long to steal our hearts. I know you and Jeff thank God daily for the amazing ways she has blessed your precious family.

maramsey said...

I'm tagging you! :)