Friday, February 13, 2009

More Emma Stories...

I have to record more Emma stories; otherwise, I will forget them and wish I had written them down somewhere!

Emma Story #1 -
We were driving to meet Jeff and Grace for dinner (Pike was at his small group) and she's reading in the backseat. Here's the conversation that followed - and remember this girl is 100% serious and is not trying to be funny!

"Momma, my foot is asleep"

"That's OK - just stretch out your leg."

"I know why it's is so tired from today. I worked it so hard."

"Really, what did you do to your foot."

"Well, at lunch, I put it up to my ear. (OK - I know she puts her foot to her ear at home and pretends its a phone every now and then, but I had no idea the girl was doing it at school - much less at lunch!) And then I exercised it at recess and at Kayla cousin's house I did jumping jacks on the trampoline with it and then I made it do push-ups." (Push-ups, really?)

I'm trying not to laugh and I say something like, "It sounds like your foot had a big day."

And she says, "I know! And I don't understand how it can be so tired and sleepy now, but it will stay awake all night long!"

I know, sweet girl, I'm not sure I understand it either!

Emma Story #2
A little background...Emma is not the best eater - especially at dinner. She doesn't like too many things I cook and, even though she usually ends up eating it, she's very slow. So, if it's dessert night, she usually misses out.

One night I made a simple meal of baked chicken, rice and veggies - and she missed out on dessert. When I put the girls to bed, this was her prayer...

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for this day. It was a good day until dinner. And, Jesus, could you please help Momma pick out something better to cook? Oh, Dear Lord, give her a better idea for tomorrow. And tell her to save me a cookie. Amen."

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maramsey said...

Come on, mom, can't you cook PB&J three times a day?? :) Hope her foot didn't keep her up all night! HA!!!!! Hang on to those precious stories, they are fleeting...