Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm going to try and catch up as much as possible in this one post - so it might get long!

Grace had her 9th birthday in November and I posted a letter to her, but never posted pictures. She had a slumber party and it was a blast! Finally, here are some pictures from the fun:

We got her an American Girl doll - Julie. She even dressed up as Julie for Halloween a few weeks before this. She was so excited! If you read the letter I wrote her, this is the gift she's talking about at the end.

Grace wanted brown and blue to be the only theme and I have a friend at church who made this cake for her. As you can see, she is extremely talented!

We did a "Make Your Own Pizza" - and thank you Angie for being there to help me clean up!

All smiles while eating thier pizzas!

Here's the whole group after playing a few games. The boys got to stay for the 'party' part - and we started the real party after they left. :)

Another picture of the amazing cake!

The girls decorating their own pillow cases. They were so creative!

Hanging out after the Fashion Show and Karoake.

In December, Emma turned 6! It's hard to believe my baby is already in kindergarten and is 6 years old! She had her party at Mudpie Co. I love that place! The kids had a great time painting - and all the dishes turned out so cute! The big kids (Pike, Adrian, Grace and Abby) got to choose something else and paint out in the big room.

Emma's excitement after getting her own American Girl doll.

She wanted Mia, who was the girl of the year. And, I have to tell you, she almost didn't get one after the reaction she had when Grace got her doll in November. Check out this next picture:

Yep...that's Emma crying because she couldn't understand why Grace got a doll and she didn't!

Here's Emma and her friend, Sarah, painting at Mudpie.

Grace out in the big room painting her turtle.

The boys, Pike and Adrian, working hard.

Emma just wanted a cookie cake, so Aunt Angie made it for her and we decorated it.

The Birthday Gang together for a group picture. Most of the kids are in Emma's class, and then cousins Kayla and Kade were there and Logan.
OK - that's all I can do tonight. It's late and I'm tired, but I still have some catching up to do. And then I really do plan on staying current!
Happy (very belated) Birthday to my 2 precious girls!!!

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Great pictures!! Looks like lots of fun...