Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pike's Pipe Cleaner Men

Pike got in the car one day after school this week and told me he had started a business. He is making men out of pipe cleaners and selling them. Not only is he selling the person, he is also selling accessories to go with the person! Here are a few 'orders' he has been working on...

This is a Ninja - the headband, belt, and numchucks are all added for an extra fee!

This is a Spartan Warrior - the sword, shield and helmet are extras. Love the helmet made out of an eraser...don't love little pieces of eraser all over my kitchen floor!

And, the best part is he is selling life insurance on each creation...for a small fee. If anything happens to your pipe cleaner man, he will replace it.
He is one-of-a-kind...I seriously love that kid!!

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