Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last Day...

I've been meaning to update my blog...the past few weeks have been crammed with so many fun end-of-year activities. We were in constant motion and then, suddenly, we hit the brakes this morning. It's the Last Day of School.

All 3 kids went off to school not needing to take backpacks or lunches. The girls will have a fun half-day of signing shirts, yearbooks and making summer plans. Pike has a not-as-much-fun-half-day as he takes the last of his finals.

Where did the time go?? I vividly remember sitting at my computer and writing this post on the First Day of School. I can still feel all of those emotions - the excitement mixed with sadness of Pike starting middle school and Emma starting kindergarten. And, now here I sit and the school year has come to a close. Wow!

Today is the Last Day I will have a 6th grader, a 3rd grader and a kindergartener.

Today is the Last Day they will sit in that classroom where their journey started not too long ago.

And today is the Last Day I will have to send them off in the's summertime and now it's my turn to see their smiling faces all day!

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