Wednesday, June 24, 2009

May Moments

I know it's almost the end of June, but I need to play catch-up again. The end of the school year is always so busy and so much fun! Add in Mother's Day and my birthday and, well, it just makes it that much more fun!!

Sock Hop

The last Family Fun Night of the school year is a Sock Hop. The girls had a blast dancing with friends and teachers, and doing crafts. Pike hung out with some middle school friends that had to come because of younger siblings, too.

Big Sisters with Little Sisters: Kayla, Kara, Christina, Catherine, Grace & Emma

Grace and her best friend, Caroline

Emma with her friend Sammy and their teacher, Mrs. Breeding

Field Day Fun

The kids always enjoy Field Day - and Pike was disappointed that middle school doesn't have one...but this year was HOT!!! My favorite part is the t-shirts that the PE teacher designs around her theme. This year it was Field Day Hero and the whole day was based on Guitar Hero - the races were re-named for rock songs and all the teachers had Backstage Passes that they wore that had the timeline of the day. So cute!

Grace and Klarissa

Grace and Madi - we are very sad that she is moving to California!

Emma and her buddy, Garrett. These two are hilarious and his mom and I have already decided we believe in arranged marriages!! :)

Emma and Sammy with Mrs. Breeding - the best kindergarten teacher ever!!

Kindergarten Program and Picnic

The kindergarteners put on a super cute program for moms and dads. They sang some great songs and had the most adorable slideshow. Then we all went outside for a picnic. Emma has had the best year and I cannot believe the girl is going to be in first grade! Crazy!! She has really surprised me with how much she has learned - not that I didn't think she could...I just wasn't sure she would.

She's always been one to just sit back and take her time on everything. Sitting up?? No, that's OK - I'll just lay here and suck my thumb for 7 months. Crawling?? Nope...not right now. I'm perfectly fine just sitting here (and sucking my thumb) until I'm over 10 months old. Walking?? No, thanks...I get around fine as I'm tearing holes in all my cute leggings! I might try that in about 17 months!! So, I always pictured her first year in school like this...Reading?? Writing?? Math?? No, really, that's OK - I'll just wait (while sucking my thumb) and learn that next year. She definitely was not the go-getter, self-motivated type like her siblings.

But, here we are and the sweet girl is reading and writing way better than her go-getter, self-motivated siblings did when they had finished kindergarten...and it just makes me smile! What a great year she has had!

Emma and Sammy

Emma and Daddy

Pike and his Saxophone

Pike didn't have too many year-end activities. In fact, he was really disappointed that his sisters had fun game days the last few days of school - and he had to study for 6 finals. But, he did have a Spring Concert in band. It was held in the gym at his middle school and we were so proud when we got there and he was sitting in First Chair!

And a couple of weeks before this concert, I had talked him out of taking band next year - for several really good reasons - none of which were selfish! Ha! :) But, his band teacher talked him into staying in band - said he had alot of potential. I'm glad she did that!

So...there you have a quick review of the kids' May activities. Maybe by the end of July I'll have a post about my birthday and our June activities!

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maramsey said...

Great the one of Emma & Jeff, so sweet! Didn't know of Pike's untapped talent! :)