Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Milestone...of sorts...

We reached another milestone this week and, even though I'm extrememly proud, it also leaves me wanting to shout what my friend Amy said, "Time, Stand Still"!

If you read my post when the kids started school, First Day, you know this has been a year of transition for our family - and it just won't stop! They keep changing and growing, and I'm slowly replacing all remants of baby-hood and toddler-hood for childhood and beyond. No more living room with a strategically placed bouncy chair or 360. No more dining room with a high chair. No more kids' bathroom with a step stool to reach the sink. And, now, no more bicycles with training wheels!

Emma learned how to ride a bike this past week! Honestly, I've really been looking forward to this. For Mother's Day last year, I asked for and received a bike, and couldn't wait until Emma could ride without training wheels. Our family bike rides consisted of Jeff, Pike and Grace motoring ahead, and me pedalling slowly waiting on Emma with her squeaky training wheels grinding along. I encouraged her every now and then to try to ride Grace's old bike that didn't have any training wheels. She would attempt a few times with me running along beside her, holding the back of the seat, but she wasn't ready.

Well, last weekend she asked her Dad to go out and practice with her. They were outside for about 2 minutes when she comes running in, "Momma, you've got to come outside. I have something to show you!" And there she goes...takes off riding the bike all by herself!!! I was so excited (and secretly thought...I'm pretty sure I did all the hard work on that know, like loosening the really tight lid on a jar when someone comes along behind you and opens it immediately!). But, as I watched her, I realized...Wow! That's one more thing we'll never have in our garage again - a bike with training wheels. I know it's silly, but time keeps flying by and they keep changing and growing, and I really do want to shout, "Time Stand Still"!

Thankfully, I got a few pictures of the girl riding on her own the first time. One of my favorite things about some of these is Gretta, our sweet dog, running along beside her. It was so fun to watch! And, even though I can get a little nostalgic about minor milestones, I can also smile because I know that each new accomplishment brings a wide range of adventures for our family!

Good Job Emma!!

Here's Emma and Daddy - who came along and opened the lid after I loosened it! :)

I love the way Gretta just ran with her and followed her up and down the street!

The only problem she had was pedalling too fast. One of my 'lessons' was telling her that the faster she pedalled the easier it would be. And, man...that girl can pedal fast!!

And her fast pedalling led to a few falls. But, as you can see, she was a trooper and it didn't bother her too much.

She kept getting right back on and riding again. I'm sure Gretta had something to do with that! Everything is always easier with a buddy!


Jeanne said...

Tracy! Your post gave me goosebumps because I know exactly how you feel. All Mom's know. I can't tell you how many nights I used to cry myself to sleep when my kids were your kids ages, not because I was unhappy, but because it was SO perfect, and it was exactly what I'd hoped for, but I knew time was going to take it away from me.
I had so many people stop me tell me when my kids were younger, "these are the best days of your life." And they were. And I think later, when the kids are older, you are going to be really glad you were so aware during this time, and want to say "time stand still!" It means you're soaking it in.
Like they used to tell me, "This is the best time of your life" Enjoy! ;) j

Nicole said...
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maramsey said...

WOW!! Way to go Emma!!! That's wonderful! We are very proud of her...tell her congratulations, she is very brave.

PS-I had the deleted comment, when I 1st posted this I didn't realize I was logged in under a friend's account! Just so you weren't left guessing!