Monday, April 20, 2009

My Fishin' Family

Jeff absolutely loves to fish. I never really knew how much until we moved to Houston. When we lived in Dallas, we were in an apartment, I was teaching and he was going to school and there wasn't really a place to fish and there's wasn't alot of time to fish.

When we moved to Amarillo...well - it's Amarillo - and the water is few and far between. It was always a drive to fish, and he was in Pharmacy school and we had he didn't get to go alot.

Then, we moved to Houston...lots of water everywhere! Our subdivision has a couple of lakes and Lake Houston is right by us. He's working, but no more school, and the kids are older. Finally...there's a place to fish, there's time to fish and there's even someone to fish with!

The girls like to go with him even more than Pike - and, out of all 3 kids, Grace is the one who loves it the most - worms and all!

At the end of March, they went out and Grace caught a pretty good sized bass. She had a bigger one on her line, but couldn't reel it in and her line broke. Here's the one she did catch:

Silly is for girls!

Here's one that Jeff caught at our lake. It's so funny, because he said that when he's out there fishing, people sometimes walk by and quietly tell each other - there's no fish in there. He can hear them and, every now and then, he gets to reel in something like this while they are still there! :)

One of my favorite pictures...Jeff took this of the kids just a couple of weeks after we moved to Houston. So sweet!!


Jamie said...

Where did you get the Dunder Mifflin shirt for Jeff??? We LOVE the office and I would like to find that shirt for Jason.

Tracy said... had a few different colors. We LOVE that show!! :)

Brenda said...

I just have to say kudos to Jeff's Dunder Mifflin shirt. Sometimes when I answer the phone from home I will say Dunder Mifflin this is Pam. HA! We love that show!!

Brenda said...

Oh, and I love your header "The Joy in the Journey". Love it.

Tracy said...

Thanks Brenda! It was time for a change and I think this one is a keeper. :)

That's hilarious about how you answer the phone...that show makes me laugh so hard! I told Jeff last week we're going to have to find him a Michael Scott Paper Company tshirt now. :)