Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Real Bike Ride

As I mentioned before, Emma can ride her bike without training wheels and is "ready for real bike rides"! Everyday after school, she puts up her backpack and heads out to ride up and down the street.

Now this is one reason I love our's a big curved cul-de-sac off the beaten path, so she can ride without traffic. The other reason I love our street is our neighbors. We have the absolute BEST neighbors ever!! From one end of the block to the other - it's just full of great people and great kids!!

When we first moved here (almost 3 years ago), Emma is the reason we met our neighbors so quickly. She was always running up to everyone saying 'hi' and giving out hugs. One day Emma and I pulled into the driveway and she said, "Hey, Momma,'s Grandpa!" I looked over and our neighbor, who was getting out of his truck, did resemble my Dad, but I told her that wasn't Grandpa. She said he looked like a Grandpa to her, so she started calling him Grandpa and his wife Grandma. They didn't mind and they loved Emma, so our new neighbors became known as just Grandma and Grandpa. For the longest time, I didn't even know their real names!

Emma goes over to ring their doorbell to give them a hug and she comes home with a baggie full of candy or crackers. When they go out of town, they leave Emma a note on my windshield asking her to please take care of their house while they're gone. She puts their newspaper on their front porch and checks their mail. When they get home, she takes them their mail and comes back with $5. And, you would not believe how much lip gloss the girl can buy for $5!!

What a blessing to have them next door, when our real Grandparents live so far away!

After Emma learned how to ride her bike, Grandpa told me she passed a note to him through the fence that said, "Grandpa, will you wash me ride my bike?" He thought that was so funny and kept saying, "Emma...I'm washing you!"

Well, last week, Grandma and Grandpa came home with bikes of their own...and now Emma gets to go on real bike rides to the lake with them! She loves it...and I have a feeling that they do, too!

All ready to go!

Emma is with them...she's hidden by Grandma

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